•   pastperfekt  /pæstˈpɜrfɪkt/ :  the first of two actions, relevance in a previous time

Pastperfekt is a design project based in Berlin. The name isn’t meant to imply that the creations are ‘beyond’ perfect. Rather, it is indeed a silly play on words combining and describing a grammatical tense with the pieces we use as the foundation for each series.


photo by antje

Kelly believes in giving new lives to objects that are no longer being used. The main element in each series comes from those old, discarded objects found anywhere and everywhere. She aims to transform them into something new and, in the process, use as much recycled material as possible. The work’s materials ranges from fabric and wood, to metal and glass, to create furniture, lamps, jewelry, and more unexplored possibilities.

Kelly Tivnan hails from Seattle, Washington. She has always had an innate love for arts & crafts, though her love of taking things apart and rebuilding them was inherited from her grandfather, who was an electrical engineer. Together they built an aquarium for her 5th grade science fair, one of her most cherished memories, along with the smell of his woodshop. Dismantling things became a passion for her, though her first ambitions were in writing. Seeing words as images, she felt inclined to pursue schooling in visual arts.

Kelly studied interior design in Bellevue, Washington, where her wood dept. teacher encouraged her to pursue furniture design. Eventually she moved from structures to textiles and then on to graphic design. A self-described ‘empty moment’ – bored at the cash register of an art supply store – led her back to crafts and she transferred to Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, Oregon.

In 2008 she moved to Berlin and has been inspired by many things. Learning about the city, its history, the German language, meeting new people and several odd jobs have all led to the set up of her studio, where Kelly now creates and offers workshops.

Pastperfekt is still learning and continuously discovering new potential. Please contact Kelly if you are curious about where you can find the products, to see or purchase, or if you have an idea for a custom project.